Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Never fun.
I broke down crying for absolutely no reason in front of my mom today.
Everything's irritating, some for good reason, some not, but still.
Sometimes being a girl really sucks. 
What do guys have to deal with? Nothing!
The movie was good.
I'm tired.
5 days to Campbell!


  1. Mallory I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm 46 & I STILL get blindsided each month. Why am I sad/mad/irritated/bloated/snackish? I always forget. Sorry!

  2. Small price to pay for being a woman... would you really want to be a man? I believe that it's preferable to have a monthly spike in hormones, than one constant flat-line, LOL :p (God please forgive me, I know You created man and all.... )

    In all seriousness (except I was serious), I remember those days. Thankfully, they are growing further into the rear-view mirror of my life. The good news is -- you're normal, and this will come in handy someday. ((((((((( hugs ))))))))))