Thursday, August 19, 2010

Did you know that casts can dry?

Yeah, me neither. All my life, I've been told that getting a cast wet meant you had to get it replaced because mold would grow. (Every year for years, either Chelsea or Holly broke one of their arms - and one time Chelsea broke her arm by trying to hit Holly and Holly put up the arm that already had a cast on it from a soccer injury - so I've had a lot of observational experience.) Well, after getting my mom to come all the way to Campbell, pick me up, and drive me home, and then my grandma to drive me all the way to Wilmington, I get to Dr. P's office, he sticks his finger down my cast and tells me my cast is dry. Are you kidding me?! But I asked him to change the cast anyway because the material had broken to pieces and was scratching my leg every time I used my scooter. So he did.

I got green, just for my mom. And it's sort of a tealish color, so I don't hate it, even though green is probably my least favorite color.

My grandma and I got back to Campbell around five and have just tried to relax, seeing as how I got a whopping 3 hours of sleep last night and not much nap in the car today. Thankfully, tomorrow is drop/add day, so I only have one class (Intro to Christianity) and making up the assessment test I missed in Western Civ this morning.

I'm getting back into this, slowly but surely. I'm in a bit of a funk from being so overwhelmed and lonely and missing my mom, but I know it will pass eventually. It did last semester. It just sucks in the meantime because I start crying out of nowhere and don't even know why. But my mom did tell me about the daughter of one of her colleagues who is doing a lot worse being on her own (as in calling her mom all day every day, and refusing to go anywhere by herself), so that did make me feel a little better. ;)

Okay, good night. Must eat something and go. to. sleep!

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