Friday, August 6, 2010

Shopping Fun!

So at 7:00 (on the dot, I think, actually), Mom surprised me by saying "Hey, Mal, do you want to go to WalMart tonight instead of tomorrow?" Heck yeah!  I had to get my school supplies and such, and we wanted to do it this weekend a) because I leave in 9 days and next week is crazy busy and b) it's tax-free weekend!  Off we went....

Little did I know, Mom wanted to take me to JC Penney to buy some new shirts.  So I got 5 or 6 shirts, a pair of shorts, and a pair of capris, and Mom got 2 nice shirts for $115.  She saved $130.  You know you've done well when you save more than you spend.

Then we went and stopped by Ruby Tuesday's and got the most amazing chicken quesadillas in the world to go for a snack.  Holy cow!  Mom and Chelsea have had them before, and they both told me repeatedly that I needed to try them, so this was Mom's "surprise treat" for me.  They were amazing!

Last up, WalMart. I don't even think I remember everything we got there. All my school supplies, bathroom stuff (like shampoo and body wash), underwear, groceries, rice cereal, sodas.  All I know is we spent two hours in there, and thank God they had a free motorized chair because I never ever ever would've made it through all that without one.  I'm so excited to have all that stuff.  You'd be amazing at how excited school supplies make me (and Mom). :)  Lucky for Mom, I am paying her back for all the stuff I bought, from the money Mommom gives me every semester.  (I just haven't put the check in the bank yet.)

Okay, I am off.  Have to go try on clothes! :D


  1. So glad you had a great day out with your mom, sounds like it was a really, really productive (and fun!) day!!

    LOVE back to school shopping for supplies too... it's one of my fav memories of mom and I from when I was little :)

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