Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So much confusion!

These Scooter Store people are driving me up the freaking wall.

Over the past few days, I'd been talking to a lady named Tracey. She understood that we needed the power chair delivered by Saturday at the latest since I leave on Sunday. She said that if, for some reason, they absolutely could not get it here by Saturday, they'd bring it to Campbell. She said that it would be either Friday or Saturday, and that they'd call 24 hours in advance to confirm a time. She told me she put a note in the computer about me leaving for Campbell on Sunday so that everyone knew the delivery address might change. This all sounded super.

Well, today, I get a call from Michelle. She's calling to set up the delivery for tomorrow. I tell her everything that Tracey says, and she says there are no notes in the computer and it has to be tomorrow because they're in Raleigh and delivery guys only go to certain areas on certain days. We have appointments all day tomorrow, so it seriously can't work. She starts rambling on and on at me, so I sick Mom on her. ;) Just as Mommom and I are pulling out of the driveway to go to my hair appointment, Mom comes out, hands me my phone and says the chair will be here on Saturday. Yay!

THEN, I get another call from Michelle at 4:45 telling me that her manager said it can't be Saturday because no one is coming to this area on Saturday, so it has to be either tomorrow or Friday. I tell her we'll take Friday. She rambles some more and then says that her manager will be calling to confirm a time on Friday.

Well, Mom wasn't home when this last call was taking place, so when she got home I told her what happened, and she tells me that it has to be by 1:00 on Friday because Blake has a really important appointment at 2:00. With my luck, that won't work for them because these people seem impossible to agree with. We'll see. He never called today, so he has to call tomorrow.

Here's to hoping and praying it all works out. My uncle's already paid the $1400 so it kind of has to.

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