Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not what I needed today.

I just got my AP Exam scores in the mail.

Not pretty.

I failed them all.

And my mom's mad.

And I'm mad.

And these things are going to Campbell.

My mom is all "It would've helped if you studied."

And I'm all "It would've helped if I'd been there the seven weeks before the tests."

Ugh. Oh well. I mean, it's not like it affects me graduating or anything, so it's not that huge of a deal. I'm just nervous what the Campbell people are going to think.


This on top of being sick = a very irritable Mallory.

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  1. (((((((((( hugs ))))))))))))

    I'm so sorry, Mallory!! I know how discouraging this must be for you, but I still think you're brilliant and bursting with potential! :o) Campbell will still love ya.