Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No, no, of course, she couldn't!

So I was just in the shower. I go to grab my razor to shave, and guess what. It's not there.
At first I thought that since Holly had cleaned the shower last week when she was here, maybe she moved it somewhere and forgot to put it back. So after my shower, I check the drawers and cabinet in my bathroom. Guess what. It's still not there.

So I go and tell my mom that Princess Holly, who already stole my mother's makeup, has stolen my razor. Chelsea hasn't been in the house in forever, so it's not like she could've done it, even though she would normally be my first suspect. Well guess what my mom's response is. "Oh, no, you must just not see it." Even though I dug through the WHOLE FREAKING CABINET looking for it. And not to mention Holly had the perfect reason to do it since her razor is broken.

But nooooo, Princess Holly would never do such a thing! This coming from the woman who knows that she also stole her makeup.

I swear, the double standards in the family make me sick.

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