Thursday, July 30, 2009

No fun, no fun, no fun at all.

Let's just say, I so did not have a good start to today.

For starters, I didn't fall asleep till after 1 am last night. I woke up at 5 for no particular reason, fell asleep at 5:30, woke up at 7:15 thinking my mom and Chelsea had overslept, and woke up again at 7:45 to Mom and Chelsea talking in the other room.

Mom left just before 8:00, and Chelsea instantly came in my room asking me to sign her into Mom's computer, claiming "Mom just didn't have time to." Being smarter than Chelsea gives me credit for, I called Mom and asked her. The answer? A resounding "NO." That took about five minutes of Chelsea whining.

Then, just as I was bout to doze off, guess what happens at about 8:15? The smoke alarms went off. For no reason. And I had no idea why or how to turn them off. And it was this really loud, really high-pitched, ear-piercing beeping. I was just lucky that Chelsea hadn't left yet. So we thought it was the one in my room. Nope, she unplugs it, and there's more beeping. Next, we thought it was the one in the hall right outside my door. Nope. More beeping! So finally we unplug the one in Chelsea's room, and it stops. Whew.

Well, of course, the entire time it's happening, I'm calling my mom in a panic because most of the time, the smoke alarm going off is bad. All of these bad pictures of there being a fire I can't find run through my head. And my mom is all "Well, I can't exactly do much from this far away."

So she tells me to call my grandma. For some bizarre reason, she calls her as I'm calling her. (Mom, why would you tell me to call her if you were just going to?) So of course I can't get her, and then she calls me back, and she's all freaked out, but I'm telling her it's stopped so she doesn't need to come over. She tells me she's going to come over anyway and look. (Note: There is no stopping my grandmother when she wants to do something.) And she's all "You better not go back to sleep." All right, then.

Then, she comes over and we find out the smoke detectors really are battery-operated, contrary to what my mom thought, and so she says she's going to go buy batteries. She doesn't come back, though, except to bring me food, because she wants to go buy them and a smoke detector for my mom's room in Jacksonville.

I thought that once she left I could go back to sleep. Nope. Aside from the pointless pictures going through my head about our house burning down, my phone would not stop ringing. My mom, my grandma, mom's friend, Chelsea, my mom's other friend who was taking Chelsea to court all decided it'd be a good idea to bug the heck out of me all day. Yes, everyone but Chelsea had reason, but still. Not nice.

And now Chelsea is all ornery because Mom won't let her on the computer. How typical, eh?

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  1. Next time the smoke alarm goes off, try waving a towel in front of it and clear whatever air is in front of it. Or change the batteries?