Saturday, July 11, 2009

Let's recap, shall we?

Oh, I missed my bed. I love my bed. Seriously, I don't think I got one good night of sleep between the hotels and headaches and exhaustion, and yeah. I missed it. Though the Holiday Inn Express I stayed in last night and Thursday night was probably the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in. light of the fact that I haven't posted since Sunday due to the traveling, let's do a little recap.

Monday: Long, long, long trip to Greenville, SC. Six rainstorms. Mom got us lost in a small town in SC and thanks to my crappy co-piloting skills, it took us 40 minutes to get on a road that would take us to the highway we were supposed to be on to start with. The bright side was that we laughed the entire time. Arrived, went to Barnes & Noble, went to TGI Friday's, and proceeded to stay up way too late laughing for no reason whatsoever.

Tuesday: Went to Shriner's. Got X-rayed. Got permanently discharged. Long, long, long, long drive home. Seriously, I thought I'd never get out of that car.

Wednesday: Went to Japanese restaurant for lunch. Got a physical. Got orange glasses. Went to beach with Holly and her friend. Got attacked by a wave, did a flip, slammed my head on the ocean floor, and cut my knee and toe. Came home, rested, ate nachos, and took a painkiller for the enormous headache I had thanks to my completely ungraceful tumble. Rested some more.

Thursday: Slept in. Was going to go to my neurologist but Mom said she had a headache. So we rescheduled it. Dropped off dogs at boarder. Got dinner. Drove to hotel in the town I lived in till I was 4.

Friday: Got student ID. Boring meetings. Lunch. Saw my exact dorm room. Skipped afternoon meetings to take a nap. The one I went to in the morning was the one my mom was going to in the afternoon, and vice versa, so there was no point. Got all prettied up. Went to President's Reception. Got blisters on my feet from new shoes. Crashed.

Saturday: Got mad at mom because she refused to get up and take me to my dorm meeting. Went to campus and got my schedule. Same schedule I got online. Tried to get a post office box, but didn't have a second form of ID. Came home. Picked up dogs. Sat on/laid in my comfy, wonderful bed.

There. That about covers it. :) FIVE WEEKS. I love Campbell!

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