Friday, October 3, 2014

This is titled Friday because I can't think of anything else.

So yeah.

NYU's hospital? Horrendously slow, even by hospital standards.

And the food was so awful and inedible I couldn't even finish it. Which says a lot, because I have plenty of practice at eating nasty hospital food.

And since I learned last night at my friend's apartment that Verizon sold me a defective charger, and Holly was at home sleeping for about 13 of the 19 or so hours I was at the hospital, I had to be very very careful with my phone battery. So it was a long and boring day.

But anyway, the good news that I mentioned yesterday. For once, I didn't have to listen to doctors tell me that they can't find anything wrong with me and thus have no idea why I'm still having seizures. There were two abnormal spots on my EEG that I had done this morning, which should explain things. The doctor I saw on Wednesday recommended I be transferred to another NYU doctor who is more specialized in epilepsy issues. And somebody finally adjusted my meds. So yay progress.

I didn't get out of the hospital until after 5:00 today, so I didn't have the chance to make an appointment with this new doctor, but I'll call on Monday and get it done.

Other than that, I came home and rested and caught up on TV. I have a lot of reading to do, but I just didn't have the energy for it. Holly took very good care of me and got my meds from the pharmacy and went to two different Verizon stores trying to replace my phone charger and still didn't, I told her she should've just gone back to the one where I bought it because it wasn't that far, and was just overall very sweet and very attentive.

But I am absolutely beat now. It's very difficult to get good sleep in a hospital, as anyone who's ever been in a hospital knows.

Good night.

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