Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hello, irony, nice to see you again.

Okay, so I lived in North Carolina for 22 years, you know?

I grew up on the beach.

The beach has ridiculous humidity.

Mosquitoes love humidity.

So mosquitoes, they were a part of life. You didn't bother getting mad about them, you just coated yourself in bug spray and went on with your life.

And I didn't always use bug spray, so I got bit plenty. You get used to the itching. Especially because in the summer, growing up, I was too busy in the pool or the beach to notice too much.

But never like this.

I have at least 13 (that was my last count) bites on my left hand alone. THIRTEEN. I haven't counted the bites on the rest of my body, but I can tell you that there isn't even thirteen on the rest of my body put together. So how the heck did I get thirteen bites on one hand? Especially when I moved 600 miles north to a much less humid area?!

Needless to say, I finally broke down and went to the pharmacy tonight and bought lotion and Benadryl cream. Anyone who knows me knows I hate lotion, so trust me, I'm desperate.

I lived in North freaking Carolina for 22 years and I've never had a mosquito attack like this.

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