Monday, October 27, 2014

The low and high of Monday.

Low: Okay, remember that neurologist that postponed my surgery? Well, today, I opened up a $700 bill from him...Yeah, because nobody at any point bothered to tell me that he doesn't take my insurance. As if I ever would have taken the appointment if I had known that! Especially because the surgeon's assistant called me as I was heading to that appointment with another doctor who was willing to do the clearance for me. And now my surgeon's assistant was all "Well I don't know if anyone else is going to be able to clear you now because he's the only one that has seen you at this point." Well, too freaking bad because I don't have $700 to pay this bill, let alone another $700 for a second appointment. At least this time we have two weeks to figure it out, instead of two days. I just have to have this neurology clearance before I have the full physical pre-surgery clearance on November 12.

High: But I have a good update in regard to my loan problem! I got an email from someone I had contacted for help, and she sent me a link for a page on the NYU website that has a whole list of private loan websites. So there are a lot of options still open for me and a whole lot of possibility! Seeing that made me feel a whole lot better.

The rest of the day? Meh. Same old. Class, food, reading, doctor appointment, trying to stay awake.

On to tomorrow.

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