Thursday, October 30, 2014

How bout them apples?!

I don't remember exactly how, but apples have sort of become a running theme/joke in my Civil War class. I randomly asked my professor what her favorite kind of apple was a few weeks ago and made a note of it. This week, I showed up with a bag of 7 of her favorite apples, red delicious. Because there are 7 students in the class. She loved it. And I love giving gifts to people, especially cheap ones that make them that happy. And really, the timing worked out perfect because she said she hadn't been able to eat that day. I really like her and this class, so it was an easy way to say thank you.

Today's class was so much fun, too. We spent like 30 minutes debating Syria, ISIS, the US response to it all, how the UN plays into it, and the domestic response to international problems. It's so fun to be surrounded by people who are at least as smart as I am.

Tonight, I took it easy. It's been a long and busy week, and I've been way more in pain than usual.

And then, there was a major glitch with our TV/cable box that took 45 minutes to fix. And it ended up deleting some stuff off our DVR without being asked to. Technology is really not my friend this week.

But then, at the end of tonight, I got to spend two hours and fifteen minutes on FaceTime with Clayton (I know, such a shame we don't have anything to say to each other), and that canceled out all the negative and stressful stuff that has happened this week. He makes me feel sane when I feel crazy and gets me to stop beating myself up when I really need to give myself a break. We spent a good chunk of time reminiscing about Reformation and how the bonds of that whole class family really formed and they took me in. And I got to talking about how much they changed me by the way they loved me so well. And really, all of it just made me so thankful for the fact that God orchestrated our paths crossing, because Clayton in particular continues to change me every time we get to talk. Screw the distance.

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