Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Have I told you recently how much my friends rock?

This was pretty much a blah day until the end.

I had been up all night from pain, so I was sleep-deprived.

Because I was sleep-deprived, I couldn't stay awake in class.

I ended up trying a new place for lunch and it was absolutely disgusting.

Then I went to a meeting.

And then I came home and tried to will myself to do some reading but was so utterly exhausted that I couldn't focus.

But then! I got a FaceTime from my sweet friend Lauren. We haven't had a chat in ages, and I think this was the first time we'd ever FaceTimed. I'm so glad that I reached the point in my life where I realized just how vital girlfriends are, and that I now have real, loyal, true girlfriends other than Ryann. Lauren and I often end up talking about mindless stuff, like our mutual love of SVU, but this time we also had some real girl talk and I got to tell her about the Landon drama a couple weeks ago. This girl just makes me smile.

And then, a couple hours later, I FaceTimed with Clayton for almost two hours. That kid, I swear, he is one of the kindest, wisest people I have ever met. Like he told me, the world just seems brighter when we finish a conversation. He never fails to teach me about life and the Bible and God and faith and people and just so many things, I could go on and on. He is one of the few safe places in my life. And by safe, I mean that he is one of few people that I never for a second worry about judging me. A lot of my friends, no matter how much I know they love me, there are some things that I still worry they'll judge me for. But not with Clayton. I never hesitate to tell him anything. And he's showed me recently that he feels the same way. I am just so so thankful that we have become so close.

And when I got off FaceTime with him, I tweeted that a mediocre-at-best week had become absolutely lovely. And I meant it.

Man, I love my friends.

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