Friday, October 17, 2014

Oh happy day.

This is Emma. I finally got to hug her today. And that makes me a very, very happy Mal.

We met briefly a year ago when she was visiting Campbell and went to one of the guys' soccer games, but we only spoke for a minute, and I left not really knowing what to think of her or what she thought of me. It's always awkward when two people meet for the first time having heard about each other, ha!

But anyway, a few months after that, we connected on Facebook, and then we started texting, and once the texting started, we texted pretty much every day for months. We quickly bonded over some stuff we'd both experienced and were both facing some difficult times, so we were just there for each other, despite the fact that I was at Campbell and she was in DC.

Now, though? She is one of my most dear friends and I am thankful every day for the blessing she is in my life and the way we have been able to stand by each other.

Finally getting to see her and spend time with her was just the redemption I needed after a very rough and frustrating few weeks. My friends, no matter how far away they live, they keep me afloat many days, and I am just so blessed to have girls like Emma in my life.

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