Sunday, October 5, 2014

My first NC reunion!

This day I did not blog on time because, well, I'm getting lazy on the old blog. No really, I fell asleep while reading.

It was a busy day, full of fantastic reasons to procrastinate on my work, so I was stuck reading all night, but because it was such a busy morning and afternoon, I was absolutely beat and, yeah, passed out cold while reading.

But it was such a good day! On top of getting to go to church, it was an important day for City Grace. We transitioned from church plant status to really a full-blown church status as our first elders and deacons were commissioned. It was a lovely service and all very exciting. Afterwards they served lunch for everyone.

I stayed there eating and hanging out and talking to people until about 2:00 when I headed to Union Square to go see Summer!!!!

AH! :)

She was up here for the weekend because her mom was doing something for her business. Summer met me in Union Square and we sat and talked and drank hot chocolate and then I took her back to my neighborhood and showed her my area and then took her up to the apartment. I'm so proud of her, she is so super afraid of heights and I convinced her to go up to our roof to see the view. The good news is she didn't freak out and told me it was pretty much the best thing she'd seen all trip. :D

She left and I fell asleep for a bit, got up and ate dinner, took a shower, and then read until I fell asleep again. Luckily the again happened right about as I finished, so I had enough information to eke out a response paper. The professor for my UN System class is not as uptight or strict about those response papers as my History class.


Church friends...I'm too lazy to name them all, but I know who they are, and who reading really cares who they are?

And shots with Summer. The first few from the roof, the last couple right in front of my building.

Happy day.

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