Saturday, October 4, 2014

This is what I get for trying to take a shortcut.

So on top of going to replace the defective charger I got at the Verizon store, I decided to go buy a bra that I need for my Halloween costume. I have the awesome HopStop app, so I could easily find how to get to the store that I needed.

HopStop gives you several different options. One of the options was to take the F line, which is the one in my neighborhood to a certain stop at 34th and 6th and then walk about a block and a half to get where I needed. A second option was to take the F line to 14th street, transfer to the 3 line, and it would put me out almost right outside the store. I've gotten pretty good at dealing with line transfers, so I figured that was a pretty sweet deal.

So I got on at the F in my neighborhood, went uptown one stop, transferred to the 6, went another stop up, went to the Verizon store and got my charger, then the 6 back downtown one stop. Then I went back uptown 2 more stops to 14th, and headed off to transfer to the 3.

Well, what HopStop cannot tell you is that transferring from the F to the 3 is not as simple as, say, just transferring from the F to the 6 -which is going up an escalator and turning left. To get to the 3, I had to walk up two flights of stairs, walk all the way down a platform, walk down a mile-long corridor (and no, that's no exaggeration), make 3 turns, and go up another flight and a half of stairs. I seriously felt like I was going to collapse in the middle of that corridor that seemed to never end. All to avoid a block and a half of street walking, go figure!

By the time I got to the store, I could barely tell the worker what I needed. And I was so drenched with sweat that even the bra I was wearing was soaked. Thank the good Lord they had an escalator in store up to their second floor where their undergarments department was. My legs were shaking they were so tired by the time I got there.

Needless to say, when I left to go back home, I walked the block and a half to 6th avenue to get to the F station! No more transfers for this girl today!

So by the time I got back to my neighborhood and pretty much crawled my way up the stairs out of the station (because my neighborhood doesn't have an elevator), I went to a bar about a block in the opposite direction of my apartment from the station to try this steak sandwich that Holly said I really needed to try it was so good. She was right. It was delicious. And a fantastic treat for myself after 3 hours of pushing myself.

Note to self: NEVER do an F to 3 transfer again!

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  1. City living! By next year it won't phase you. Winters stink though but other three seasons its awesome