Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I really have to stop being such a klutz.

I'm writing this post a day late because....well, you'll see.

Today I spent the vast majority of the day cleaning out the room Chelsea had lived in.

We tried to get her to do it, but when she came over, she spent so much time screaming that Mom told her to leave because it just wasn't worth it.

She told us she didn't want anything in that room anyway, so it made the cleaning out job much easier.

You know what came out of her room?  13 bags of stuff to donate and 3 bags of trash.

And when I say bags, I mean garbage bags.

We took it all to donate and then my energy was pretty much spent for the day.

Tonight, because my suitcases were in the hallway while I cleaned out the room, I ended up tripping over one so hard I fell and slammed my head into the ground.  That was awful.  Like, I couldn't see straight and had trouble standing up for the rest of the night awful.

At least I avoided going to the hospital again.

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