Saturday, July 19, 2014

And they're off!

Mom and Holly are approximately six hours from New York City right now, just south of Richmond.

I am sitting watching The Big Bang Theory on my computer.  My goal is to get through all the episodes I haven't already seen before Mom gets back Wednesday night.  I have a list, haha.  I'm amazed I could find a website that let me watch all these old episodes for free.  And no commercials or ads!

I'm going to enjoy these four days to myself.

I'm just praying their trip is fruitful and they can find me an apartment under such tight time constraints.  A few extra prayers wouldn't hurt, if you'd be so kind.  Mom is really worried.

Another perk of being home alone?  I can blast music as loud as I want to.  What do you think I'm doing while I write this?  Hahaha.

Blessings to you, lovely reader.

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