Friday, July 25, 2014

Yes, I eat lemons. Doesn't everyone?

Well my mom was home for about 8 hours today.  She's off playing nurse to her boyfriend, and it really looks like they'll end up in the ER tonight.  I don't mind.  I've grown quite accustomed to being alone.

She made a huge pot of amazing chicken soup and left a good portion of it with me.  When she was separating it to take some to her boyfriend and was asking me if one of the pots would be enough, I said "well, is it all for me, or do I have to save some for you?" and she teasingly said "greedy!" so I said "It's not my fault you make darn good soup."  Which is true.  If she weren't such a ridiculously good cook, I wouldn't want to eat everything she makes.  Ha!

We also started making lists of everything that needs to be found in the garage, what we will need to buy, things like that.  So that was good.

Random awesome thing of the day: Mom bought me some lemons, for when I get a craving to eat one, and a thing of mint chocolate chip ice cream, because her lactose-free ice cream is gross.  :)  She's a good one.  I think I'll keep her.

I wish I knew why I am so tired.  I went to bed at 9:00 last night, got almost twelve hours of sleep, did absolutely nothing strenuous today, and am sitting here with my eyes watering I'm yawning so hard.  There are worse problems to have.

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