Monday, July 7, 2014

I am tired now.

I used to believe that people who get all obnoxiously ethnocentric and whine "THIS IS AMERICA WE SPEAK ENGLISH GRRR" were, well, obnoxiously ethnocentric.  And also racist.  But then I spent 2 hours on the phone with a string of incomprehensible Indian people trying to get phone numbers and dollar amounts for the five accounts that the Federal Student Aid people said were keeping them from giving me my loans and I began to think that same thing, "Why can't you people speak comprehensible English?!"  I did it, though.  It cost me $18 and a good deal of my sanity, but I did it.  Which is good timing because I got the check from Uncle Ed and Aunt Dinah today.

Of course, now Mom is stressed that she didn't ask them for enough money and now she won't be able to find me an apartment because you have to pay 2 months of rent plus deposits for utilities and New York is so darn expensive.  But I no longer have the energy to be stressed about it.  It's worked out up until now.  The rest will fall into place somehow.

I have had a massive sinus headache for most of the day, so between that and taking all the trash and recycling out to the road, my energy was pretty much spent.  It's been a lot of The Big Bang Theory (God bless DVR) and talking to Mom because turns out some men don't get any less childish and stupid even when they're 54.  Also, my insecurity?  I come by it honest.  Ha!

Sometimes I wonder if things will ever not be absolutely insane in this family.  I'm gonna go with no. Just a hunch.

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