Sunday, July 20, 2014

Things change in a good way.

So Mom and Holly made it up there about 6 am this morning.  They made it through the full through-the-night drive.  Crazy runs in this family, I tell ya.

Holly called me about 1 am when they were somewhere in Virginia.  She and Mom had been talking. She realized she had nothing tying her to Raleigh because she and her boyfriend broke up and so she wanted to know what I thought of the idea of her moving to NYC, too, and us getting a place together.  It's always been a dream of hers to live in the city, as well.  She can apply to transfer to NYU's undergrad chemistry department for the spring.  My immediate response was "Dude, this is epic!"

So now they are up there to find a place for the both of us, instead of just me.  That was not a phone call I was expecting last night.  At all.

But it feels good and now, not only will I not be in a huge city all alone, I'll have someone close by who knows what to do for me in medical situations should they arise.  And plus, Holly and I get along so much better now because we are both trying to distance ourselves from the family drama.  Plus, we have many similar interests, including Broadway and the theater.  Plus, I know she won't try to baby me at all and ruin my chance to really forge my own life up there.

Tomorrow, they begin 48 hours of intense apartment hunting.  Ah!

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