Thursday, July 17, 2014

When all else fails, watch The Big Bang Theory.

In situations like this, sometimes you just need an escape, and since I'm trapped in a house with my mom in a town with no friends, my escape options are limited.

But in comes DVR to save the day.

You know what's on my DVR?  The Big Bang Theory.  And ONLY The Big Bang Theory.  Which is especially crazy since I only saw my first episode of the show like two months ago because Mom practically insisted I try it out.  And she had only started watching it because her boyfriend and his daughter watch it.  That's how I start watching pretty much all of my shows, unless it's one I watch from the pilot, Mom suggests them to me.  The perks of having a mom with a very similar sense of humor and sarcasm.

So when I haven't been sleeping thanks to my dire need to be doped up on allergy/cold meds, I've been watching The Big Bang Theory.  Because it's hilarious and I need to laugh.

And that is today.

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