Friday, March 8, 2013

Short and Random

It's late.  Very, very late.

I spent pretty much all day working on all the reading I had to get caught up on for my classes.

Then, I got so tired of doing that once I got my to-do list chipped down to just one chapter of French grammar assignments, that I decided to quit for the night.  I'd had a hard enough time staying awake all day as it was.

So after that, I did some more work on Caitie's present, and during part of that I watched this livestream of the Porn Kills Tour, and before I knew it was past 1:30 am.

The good news is that Caitie's present is soooo close to being done now.  I just have to put the finishing touches on it tomorrow, and it's good to go.  I'm glad, because my hand was seriously cramping after several hours of that.  Hers may have been the least expensive by quite a bit (but she asked me not to spend a lot of money on her), but it definitely took the most effort.  But I'm happy about the gift and was super happy to do it, and I think she's going to love it.  Under the 1 month mark until the return of The Vespers!  I'm so excited!  Bruno's present is done, Taylor's present should be waiting for me when I get back to Campbell, and Callie and Phoebe's presents are just cash so I can do that when I get my March paycheck.  I just love giving gifts.  Seriously.  It makes me giddy.

Oh, and I'm going to see my neurosurgeon on April 3.  So there's that.  We'll either get some answers or eliminate my shunt as a cause of these problems.  Or maybe both.  Dr. Fuchs is pretty much the best of the best.

Man, I'm tired.  Good night, world.

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