Friday, November 23, 2012

Some nights, I always win, I always win.

So we didn't go shopping last night because Mom thought her claustrophobia wouldn't be able to handle that many crazy people fighting over shoes, especially in the middle of the night.  Probably a smart move.  We did, however, go about 6:00 tonight and there were, interestingly enough, very few people out.  Lesson learned: you can still go Black Friday shopping, find most of what you want, get pretty good sales, and not deal with six thousand people late at night.

The day was very low key until then.  Chelsea was at work most of the day, so Mom and I tag teamed Blake duty.

I had a very long talk with Taylor, too, which is always nice.  We do love to talk, that's for sure, and we haven't had the chance to have a good chat in a while because the band was out on the road for so long, so it was great.  Rather fitting, too, that it's the day after Thanksgiving, because we both talked about how much this year has changed everything.  People wanna know if a guy and a girl can be friends with no romantic feelings whatsoever?  The answer - yes.  Look at me and Taylor.  We've become so close this year, and not once have I ever looked at him as anything but my brother and one of my best friends.  I respect him so very much.

After that, Mom and I left, which was surprisingly fun.  Amazing how Belk, Chick-Fil-A for dinner, and Walmart can take two and a half hours when we didn't buy that much.

Tonight, I spent most of it hiding in my room watching this Glee video on repeat.

Glee has its faults, but when it does something right, it does it really, really right.

Then, sweet Caitie called and I spent 40 minutes standing outside in the freezing cold talking to her.  That did so much good for my heart, there aren't adequate words to explain it.  One thing Caitie said has really stuck out to me: "This is church.  Church isn't a building.  It's people, you and me, talking to each other, about crap, about people, about life."  Yep.  Love that girl.  No question about it.  I'm so thankful God has taught me the importance of having girlfriends.  I left that conversation with her feeling rejuvenated and uplifted and refocused.

My life has its issues, no doubt, but when it comes to friends, I definitely win.

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