Thursday, November 15, 2012


Sometimes, my body just won't cooperate.

Pain goes from bad to worse and from keeping me up until 4 am to making me unable to handle being awake.

But when the pain is as bad as it was for most of today, sleep is a gift.  Sleep is a healer, the only feasible escape from pain that puts me in tears.

I forced myself to wake up before 5:00 because the Wolfpack were playing in a basketball tournament in Puerto Rico, and I do my best not to miss a game.  Plus, I needed to force myself up if I could take it because I need to sleep tonight.  I love Wolfpack basketball, and the game went so well that I was able to stop thinking about my headache at points.

Then, some well-timed texts and emails from friends made me laugh and smile and let me escape from all the stress and bad stuff that's right in front of me for just a little bit longer.

Then, two TV shows I love came on, and I got to leave this world entirely for a fictional world that doesn't involve me.  I always do better when I don't have to think about myself as much as I have the past few days.

All of these escapes today were just the refresher I needed.  Things are only going to get faster and more difficult and more complicated from now until December 10th, so I needed the break to recharge.  On to tomorrow.

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