Saturday, November 24, 2012

Meeting Mr. Wuf & Caitie

This is just because I had to get an updated picture with Blake, a) for me and b) for all my friends who love to see how big he's gotten.  It's my new Facebook profile picture.  He's so adorable, seriously.  LOOK AT THAT FACE.

Ah, Wolfpack time.  There are few places on the planet that I love more than inside here:

There is something so exhilarating about being in a stadium with 50,000 other people screaming as loud as you can for a team you all adore.  Good thing we beat Boston College 27-10, because otherwise we'd have been 50,000 sad Wolfpack fans.  That win is probably entirely due to the two beautiful interceptions we got, Shadrach Thornton on the offense who seemed to be doing everything, and the defense shutting down BC's offense through the entire first half.  (At halftime, we were up 14-3).  

It was FREEZING cold, however, which stole a tad bit of the enjoyment.  Seriously, by the time the game was over and I stood up, it felt like my knees were even cold they were so stiff, and I had no feeling in my hands or nose.  During the game, they do this "Sizzle Fan Cam" thing, and one time I looked over at Mom and said, "I don't think I'd sizzle right now if you set me on fire."  It's funny to think that at the game the weekend after Thanksgiving last year, we were in short-sleeved shirts and jeans.  

Plus, Carter-Finley has always been special to me, even before I understood football, because it was one of my dad's most favorite places.  I always feel closer to him when I'm there, and considering I have next to no memories of him, I'll take whatever I can get when it comes to feeling a connection to him.  The fact that I actually like watching football is just a plus.

I'm not just thankful that I got to go to the game today, though.  I mean, yes, it was cool and I loved it and I'm so thankful Mom got me a ticket, but it's happened before.  What I'm super thankful for today is that I got to do something that I've wanted to do for a long, long time and never had the opportunity for until today.

I met Mr. Wuf, the NC State mascot.  (Sorry the picture is so blurry, the lighting was bad and I forgot to turn the flash off.)  I know it's silly, but that just made me so excited.  As fate would have it, the guy inside Mr. Wuf's family was sitting directly behind us, and he came up to visit them in the 4th quarter.  A whole slew of people were there for him because he's a senior and all the seniors on the football team, cheerleading squad, and dance team and him were being honored since it's the last game of the season.  After he had to get back down to the field, Mom and I talked to his mom, and she did something so sweet for us.  She agreed to send us some of the photos she had on her nice camera of him.

This is Mr. and Ms. Wuf.  This is being blown up to giant poster size to go on Blake's wall in his Wolfpack-themed room.

Here's a better picture of him so you can see him clearly.  GO WOLFPACK!  AHHOOOOO!

This one I just asked for because I thought it was hilarious.  It's my Facebook cover photo, hahaha.  Check this one off the bucket list.

I got back to Campbell just before 9:00, and I basically just unpacked and hung out for a while.  Then, Caitie called me.  Yes, I know we just talked yesterday, but she promised she'd call me and tell me her testimony since our first real conversation was me telling her mine.  When she was done, I couldn't figure out how to respond.  I was just that blown away by how good God has been to her throughout her life.  In that moment, I realized how other people must feel when they hear my story.  Hearing how God's worked miracles in somebody's life, especially someone you care about very much, is so humbling and just so, so cool.  We ended up talking about all of that and so much else.  It was just a blast.  I always enjoy learning about people, and I definitely learned a lot about her tonight.  We were on the phone for just shy of an hour and 40 minutes!  I think we both noticed a lot of similarities in our hearts and personalities, too, which is just awesome.

So yeah, today I am thankful for my beloved NC State Wolfpack and that I got to meet Mr. Wuf (finally!), and I am incredibly, inexplicably, wholeheartedly grateful for the beautiful friendship that I have found with Caitie.  :)

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