Saturday, November 17, 2012


I could not be more thankful for relief today if I tried.

Relief means I don't feel like I'm on the verge of tears every second that I'm awake.

Relief means I can handle being awake and keep my sleeping patterns on a normal schedule.

Relief means that the pain that remains can be managed with Ibuprofen.

Relief means I can make big strides in the to-do list that stands between me and Christmas Break.

It's been a peaceful Saturday.  I went to bed early last night, around 10:30 (yes, that's early for me, especially on a Friday night), not because my head hurt, but simply because I was tired.  And it felt AWESOME.  I slept late, too, so clearly my body needed the extra rest.

Starting mid-afternoon, I began watching NC State football like usual.  It was an intense game, and we lost to #11 Clemson 62-48; this was our first loss of the season in which we were not down at the end of the first quarter - we were up 14-13.  It was a bizarre game.  I'm excited to get back to Carter-Finley next Saturday for the final game of the season.  I just hope we win!

After the game, I turned to my usual mini-marathon of 48 Hours: Hard Evidence.  Meanwhile, I looked over French Lit stuff and read the last chapter of my Comparative Foreign Government textbook.  Then, I did my article review for Geography, which actually isn't due until the 26th because we don't have class this Monday, but I just wanted to get something that small out of the way.

Thankfully, all I plan to try and get done tomorrow afternoon/evening is my two Human Diversity mini-papers. One is a minimum of 3 pages, and the other is 3-5 pages, and the directions are pretty explicit so it shouldn't be too hard.  Heck, after that 25 page paper on Denmark, it seems like nothing!  But if I can get these two out of the way, I will only have 3 papers left, one for Municipal Government, and two for French (History and Lit). The MG paper is due the 3rd, the Lit paper is due the 5th, and the History paper is due the 6th.  I plan to get the MG paper and the notes for my presentation on the same subject on the 28th done over Thanksgiving break.

But I am thankful for relief today because it means I could stay on schedule with my to-do list.  After the craziness that was this past week, what I had to do this weekend seems minimal, but still, this prevents me from having to play catch-up again.

Hopefully this relief will last through tomorrow evening so that a) I can get these two papers done and b) I can get back to church.  Missing this past Sunday and Tuesday was not fun.

For now, my task is my laundry.

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