Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stupid Blogger.

Something was up with the website yesterday, so I couldn't blog even though I wanted to.

But whatever.

In 2011, I'm not taking the whole "post every day" thing seriously.

Basically, I feel like crap.


My ears are still hurting.

The muscles in my face around my ears are still spazzing and throbbing.

I still can't hear.

I'm still miserable.

So I called on my way to Raleigh today and am going back to my family doctor tomorrow.

I texted my mom this and I guess when she got out of work she also called and talked to my doc (I saw the FNP Monday), and the doc said that when the infection's bad, it can take longer than usual to respond to the antibiotics.

Which is understandable.

I just need to know that it's actually responding

Because it doesn't feel like anything has changed.

And I leave for Campbell on Sunday.  Where our medical staff is, frankly, rather incompetent.

So I can't go off still feeling like this without knowing that I will turn the corner soon.

Because seriously, this really freaking bites.

Plus, I started wheezing yesterday morning, something I had done on Monday or in the days up till Monday, so it's really just a crappy situation all around.

In other news, I went to Raleigh today to see my migraine doc.

She put me on a daily migraine med to see if that helps because I'm still having migraines all the time.

And, knowing how important school is and the fact that my hometown, on the few occasions I'm home during the semester, is about 3 hours away from Raleigh, she said she will treat me over the phone till the summer.  Which is awesome, and not something many doctors will do.  Did I mention I really like this woman? :)

Well, I'm off to bed, hoping and praying that I don't wake up every hour like I have for the past four nights.

And watch, I just jinxed myself...

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  1. I'm on day 3 of my Z-Pak and I am not feeling better either. I'm glad your doctor said that about if the infection is bad it takes longer to heal. My sinuses kill...its right by where you put blush on and even my top teeth hurt. It seems EVERYONE is sick! Feel better!