Friday, January 14, 2011

Quitting the Addiction

1 day down.

I did not sleep well last night.  At all.

It was probably subconscious nerves.

I didn't actually feel nervous, but between not being able to sleep despite being completely exhausted, and the fact that I woke up with an upset stomach that was gone by this afternoon, it's the best guess.

I suppose another part of the exhaustion problem is that I have not drank any caffeine since this whole Bell's Palsy thing showed up.  It messed up my taste buds, so every time I tried Coke, it tasted like soap.  Which is gross.  So I've basically been drinking nothing but water.

Let me tell you, quitting caffeine cold turkey like this is really hard.  But I think it'll be good for me.  Since it'll probably take months for the Bell's Palsy to go away, maybe by the time I've healed, the addiction will be gone.  And cutting out caffeine is a good step in trying to lose some weight.

It's just getting past the lack of energy boost that's gonna be a problem, but I believe I can do it!  Really, I don't have much of a choice.  Haha.

Classes were fine.  I had US History at 9:00 with one of my favorite professors.  I had her last spring for Western Civ I, and I'm so excited to have her again.  She did the typical introducing the syllabus thing, gave us our Pre-test that's standard protocol in the History department at Campbell, and then we were free to go.

After History, I went over to the bookstore and got all the books I need.  I'm very grateful for the worker there who saw me struggling to balance the giant stack of books and walk down the stairs at the same time and took all my books out of my hands for me and carried them to the register.  :)

At 11:00, I had Lifetime Wellness.  Fantastic first day.  The professor told us the basics of what is going on during the semester, explained that everything is on Blackboard, told us to print off a form from online and bring it to class on Monday.  We were literally there for 10 minutes.  The best parts about this class?  1) All the quizzes and tests are on Blackboard, and you get three tries to take each test.  There's pretty much no way not to get an A!  2) Because the professor is also the head track coach, we will almost never have class on Fridays because he'll be traveling. Woo hoo! :)

Normally at 1:00 on Fridays, I'll have French, but it was cancelled today for Drop/Add.  Have Dr. Steegar again, so that's awesome.  Since I didn't have French, I came back and took a nice, long nap. :)

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