Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just What I Needed

When I'm stuck at home with nowhere to go...

When Chelsea's unmedicated and I'm scared to leave my room...

When I'm still working through all that this Bell's Palsy is going to entail over the next however many months...

Conversations with anyone who will make me laugh are exactly what I need.

Jay is being super sweet to me today.

I was talking to him about how worried I am about what people will say, and he was just so comforting and so sweet, that I actually started crying.

Like when he said "I'm lucky I don't go to college with you.  I'd probably get in trouble all the time for flipping out at anyone who says crap to you.  You don't deserve that." 

And I jokingly asked him "why are you so sweet to me?" and his reply was "the better question is, why are other people so mean to you?  I don't feel like I'm being sweet, I just feel like I'm being normal."

He was just the lift in my spirits I needed today.

Choosing to focus on the blessings, like amazing friends, today...

1 comment:

  1. ENJOY your college years! You never get them back...!
    Use this time to make bad choices (within reason!), kiss boys, go to parties, stay up late and order pizza with the girls, stay up all night! ENJOY!