Saturday, May 2, 2009

strange coincidence of the week


No hospital visit. Mom is adamant that they won't do anything. Now I just really need this pain to go away. I have four AP exams this week, and if I'm in this much pain there will be no way I can focus enough to do well.


Okay, so get this: Yesterday morning, I was walking to the library, and as I was turning to grab the door, some guy comes running out and slams the big wooden door straight into the side of my head. Then, yesterday afternoon, I was sitting in bed propped up by a pillow and my beanbag-like-chair. I lean up to fix my pillow, and slam the top of my head straight into the wall.

That's two head-slams in like seven hours.

So since yesterday afternoon, I've had the worst headache I've had since my shunt got put in six and a half years ago. And I've taken some of my mom's Hydrocodone and the pain hasn't changed at all.

I think everything is fine, and it probably is, but my mom and I are still wondering if I need to go to the hospital to get checked out. So any prayers that everything is fine with my head/brain and that the pain will go away soon would be much appreciated.

And yeah, I know...It's just one thing after another with me.


  1. we will keep you in our prayers
    Get Better

  2. My dear girl, what next. Maybe your mom should keep you in a glass case to make sure you stay out of harm's way - just joking. Hope your hear is fine and that the pain will go away quickly. God luck with all those exams. God bless.

  3. No, I still vote for bubble wrap, the glass case could break, and then what? ;o)

    Hope your head feels better today.