Friday, May 22, 2009


UPDATE: I just got an email from my online class teacher, and she informed me that there is NO final exam for AP European History because it's not written into the course. This means I don't have to take any finals! YAY! *dances*

I'm so tired of being tired. I just want to sleep all the time, which isn't really convenient when you have classes to go to. Thank heavens this weekend is Memorial Day which means that I get an extra day off. AND I found out that because I took the AP US History exam, I'm exempt from the regular final in the class. Yippee! I know it would be a killer. Too bad I'll still have to take my AP European History one. Oh well.

This means, not counting today:

13 days till classes are over
17 days till exams are over
20 days till graduation
23 days till my graduation/birthday/scholarship celebration
24 days till my seventeenth birthday

Let's all shout "YIPPEE!"


Here's my ironic story of the week. I got my CT scan results back. My brain is totally fine. The injury has made no lasting damage. BUT my sinuses are absolutely horrible. My ENT apparently fixed the breathing part, but she didn't fix the draining part. So the right side of my sinuses? Yeah, they're completely swollen shut. Again.

Not totally sure what the solution will be. She's put me on yet another antibiotic (what's this - number 20 since fall?) and stuck a suction tube up the left side of my nose so far I thought I could feel it in my throat. NOT COOL. And when she put the lidocaine strips to numb my nose up, one of them was so soaked that it dripped on my lips and in my mouth and I choked for like 3 minutes straight. Not being able to feel your lips or half your tongue is really weird, in case you were wondering.


  1. Girl, things are looking up more and more every day for you! I couldn't be more excited :o)

    YYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY on no finals!!!!!!

    CELEBRATE the good, it's long overdue!

    I am the queen of sinus infections/issues, and I'm sure you realize that the majority of your sleep/tired/exhaustion problems stem from the systematic infection that is being brought on by your sinus infection. It can run you down like a Mack truck, Mal, and it is going to bring on massive headaches. I always feel like that, then go on antibiotics, and suddenly, I'm the Energizer Bunny all over again. I feel your pain, I really do.

  2. Oops, I should have said "co-queen" of sinus infections/issues -- we both share that crown, huh?

  3. Yipee! No exams is like Christmas, your birthday & Memorial Day all rolled into one!

    I have actually had the numbing experience before from some kind of dental work - whole cheek, & half of my lips & tongue numb. VERY strange feeling! Involving drool. Ick.

    Hope your sinus issues clear up soon. Groan - very bad pun!