Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not again...a prayer request.

This sickness is bad. My throat is swollen, my eyes are burning, I have constant hot flashes or chills, and can't go more than two hours without needing a breathing treatment. The sad and scary part is that I'm already on the strongest antibiotic my ENT could give me that wouldn't make me sick. That means it's probably viral.

My mom is calling the doctor tomorrow and asking her to write me some steroids that will at least save my asthma. She may want to see me in person, so my grandma said she'll take me if need be.

I'm scared I'm gonna end up in the hospital again. I don't want to go back to the hospital. I have two weeks till I graduate, and I desperately need those two weeks to go as smoothly as possible. Not to mention my mom can't afford to take time off work at all because her principal is on her back about her absences. I've been in the hospital before when my mom wasn't there, and I absolutely hated it. I don't want to have to do that again. I was terrified.

Like I said, I'm just scared. But I'm putting it all in God's hands (or at least trying to), for He knows what is going to happen to me and He has the perfect plan.

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  1. You're on my list! Keep us posted...

    P.S. I wish I lived down there - I'd stay at the hospital with you!