Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh my, today was rough.

Well, rough may not be the right word. Mostly just exhausting, but I can blame the Hydrocodone for that.

Since I have physical aquatic therapy every Tuesday and Thursday morning, my mom and just decided that I'd go to school for half a day today, and then a full day tomorrow. You'd think it being a half-day for me would make things easier, right? Wrong. I woke up at 8 in terrible pain, but I decided I was just gonna push on anyway. Well, I took Ibuprofen when I woke up, and then a Hydrocodone at 9, not long before my grandma was to come and get me. Normally, painkillers don't have a strong drowsiness effect on me, but I was half asleep the entire ride there, trying to but failing at waking myself up enough for the exercises I knew I was gonna have to do. Strangely enough, I woke up as soon as I got in the pool. I love going to physical therapy. My therapist is amazing, and the other patients that are always there with me are really nice, too. My grandma and I left about 11 and went to go get some lunch before heading to school.

Well, I get to school in the middle of the lunch period I normally have, and so I go to the library. Apparently I have a fine that if I don't pay soon, I'll get in trouble for. Definitely did not know that. I also found out that I am no longer in the library for Pirate Academy (explanation on what that is later), when I was there in the first six weeks. Then the bell rings signaling the end of that lunch, so I go to my English class. First thing I find out is that we're having two quizzes today on Acts 4 and 5 of Macbeth. I thought I'd be good, because my mom really helped me understand it while we read. Those quizzes were so hard, I felt like I hadn't read the play at all. I got a 84 on Act 4 and a 79 on Act 5. EEEK. Then I found out I got an 85 for the second six-weeks grading period. Ouch. I mean, it is still a B, but it's the lowest B possible, and NOTHING like my typical grades. My head started pounding at that point. No fun. No fun at all. Thankfully the rest of the period flew by.

So then it was Pirate Academy. Pirate Academy is this half hour between 3rd and 4th period on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (regular homeroom on Wednesday) where kids can get tutoring if they need it, or they can do different activities around the school, like study hall, reading time, board games, walking on the track, etc. I went up to the office and explain my situation and need to talk to Mr. Bailey, one of the Assistant Principals who also organizes all the Pirate Academy. Well, since I was out for seven weeks, I wasn't in homeroom, and so I didn't get the form to pick my new Pirate Academy for the new grading period. And so they forgot to assign me one. Mr. Bailey wanted to just stick me in a Study Hall that is all the way across the campus from my 3rd and 4th periods. I explained to him that that would kill my back and hips, and then he started getting irritated and said, "I'll see what I can do. Come back tomorrow." God forbid I ask him to work around my physical problems. So I sat there in the office for half an hour because they had nowhere to send me. I have a gut feeling that I'll be doing that tomorrow, too. While I'm there I found out that the office had work from my AP US History teacher sitting there, and it had apparently been there for a while. No wonder I hadn't been getting anything from her. Stupid office people. Either someone in my family or I have been to the school several times in the past two weeks. Now I've got a ton to make up there.

Then I get to fourth period. My teacher refuses to give me any more work because the other French 4 student isn't where I am. So I sat there bored for 90 minutes. That's a stupid rule, don't ya think? I work 5 times faster than this kid. Then at the end of the class, we got to look at our grades for the second grading period, and I have a 94. All I can think is "no way!" so I look at the list of grades and assignments and find out that my teacher switched my and the other student, Jacob's Chapter 11 test grades. I got a 100. He got an 87. He gave me the 87 and Jacob the 100. He tells me that he can switch it in the gradebook but he's "not sure" if he is allowed to switch it for the report card. OF FREAKIN COURSE. So he switches the grades in the gradebook, and my actual grade is a 98 and Jacob's went from a 97 to a 93. I am going to be seriously mad if I don't get my hard-earned 98 on my report card, because that means I won't get the full 5.0 credit points to factor into my GPA.

So frankly, today sucked. And I'm exhausted. But I can't take a nap because I actually have to get up at 5:30 in the morning, and if I sleep now, I won't sleep tonight.

*bangs head on desk*

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  1. Uhm, please don't bang your head on your desk -- not without wrapping yourself in bubble wrap first, to soften the landing! :o)

    Sounds like a frustrating day. If school wasn't difficult enough, it's even more challenging for you, because of the time that you've had to spend away from school. I know, though, that you will rise to the challenge, just as you rose to the challenge with your grades, WOW, girl... you are wicked smart!!

    Consider it a mission, if you will, to prove to them that they can fork over all the attitude they want, you won't let them drag you down, you won't return the "favor" ;) You can do it, Mal, I believe in you!!

    Ah girl, those grades are awesome. I feel, uhm, rather dumb by comparisson, lol!!!!