Friday, April 10, 2009

Hanging in there....

So there's not really much to say today.
Pain's not that good right now, so not in a very good mood.
But I'm hanging in there.

My mom's been making lots of good soups, so that's always nice. I love it when she cooks.
Sleeping lots.
Skipping a big Easter lunch with extended family tomorrow, though, mostly because I've felt so crappy today and my nose is still bleeding pretty heavy.

Thank you very very much to all those who have been checking in. You make me feel very blessed. :)


  1. ((((((( hugs ))))))))

    Did they say how long before you'll start physically feeling better?

    Mom-Made soup is the best!! I made some yesterday, the kids went back for thirds.

    Love ya!

  2. Just wandered over from MckMama's father's blog. Hope you are feeling better very soon. My mom had back surgery several years ago and hasn't had a problem since. My prayers are with you!