Thursday, April 23, 2009

Late night stress.

Just when I think things are dull, God throws me another curveball. Yay for life, huh?

So, I just got telling you how crazy my sister Chelsea is. Well, I thought my other sister, Holly, was the sensible one. Guess what news she dropped on my mom this evening? She's dropping out of college. Not because she's pregnant or anything, simply because she's lazy and is spending all of her time getting drunk as opposed to, you know, going to class. Her feelings - "I'm only 21 once, I might as well enjoy it." PLEASE. This girl has had everything handed to her on a silver platter, and she throws it away. Well, FINALLY my mom isn't just sitting back and treating her like a princess. She's cutting off financial support and her phone. This just infuriates me. She expects everyone to treat her like an adult, but she constantly acts like a clueless child. And now my mom feels like she's the world's biggest screw up as a parent because she has two kids who are now doing nothing with their lives. She lied to my mom about needing money to register for classes for next year. She claims she's just taking next semester off, but she already destroyed last semester, and apparently hasn't gone to classes in weeks this semester, which means she wasted $30,000 that Uncle Ed and Aunt Dina were so generous enough to give to her so that she could make something of herself. She doesn't even have a job! Plus, quitting school means she loses her health benefits through my mom's insurance, and the girl has moles that could be skin cancer! She doesn't think about anything. God, I'm four and a half years younger than she is, and I can even figure this stuff out when she can't. ARGH.

Why can't I trust or be close to my sisters? This just sucks.

Okay sorry, I just had to vent.


In other news, I now have a nasty infection spot right inside my nose. It hurts really, really bad. I went to the doctor again today to get the stints that are way up in my sinuses removed. Get this: I waited 45 minutes past my appointment time, spent 10 minutes waiting for the doctor to come in the room, spent 10 minutes with lidocaine strips shoved so far up my nose that the medicine was running down my throat, and then the doctor told me that the stints are absorbed and he can't do anything.

And then, I get home and see the infection. Of course, the doctor couldn't have said anything about it when he looked in my nose, so that I could get some medicine for it. Just my luck.


Sometimes I wonder if my mom is more excited about me going to college than I am. She's spent days planning my graduation/birthday party, and what the invitations are gonna look like, and asking me all sorts of questions about what I want my room to look like.

Frankly, I'm happy I'm getting a private room in college. I'll be able to have a double bed, which will be more comfortable and better for my back. Plus, the dorm I'm staying in has one bathroom for every two rooms, so I'll only have to share a bathroom with two people. And the dorm is close to the building I'll be spending most of my time in, which is even better. Ah, I'm excited. =)

June is gonna be a busy month. Graduation, graduation/birthday party, birthday, and orientation.

It seems odd that I'm so excited to get out of a small town only to move to a smaller town, but it's just good to change. And you have no idea how badly I want to leave this town.


Please pray for this family. Linn and her husband Dwight have three biological and six adopted kids. They lost their house to a fire back in January, they're working to bring another daughter home from China, and they just found out their daughter Autumn has a brain tumor. They could use all the prayers they can get.

P.S. I'm so glad Stellan is doing well!


  1. Hi Mallory! Sorry your sisters bug you - but think what a great example you are to them. Ha - they probably hate that...

    I think it's great that you're excited about school. Wow - takes me back to the days when I was excited about school - & it really was a good experience. I wish I'd been more PRESENT though - I was just riding the wave. I did keep my scholarship & graduate with an accounting degree - but think of what I could have done if I'd been paying attention! I think you'll do a much better job than I did!

  2. Hey Mal (as JD calls you),
    I'm just stopping over from JD's blog!

    Woohoo for college! Congrats on making a's so much fun once you know where you are going and can start picking classes. I loved college...and the friendships you make can last forever. If you have a chance to study abroad, do it. I can not emphasize enough what an amazing experience it is.

    Compared to your sisters you seem wise beyond your years. Unfortunately they seem rather immature. At least they can be a shinning example of what you don't want to be.

    It's understandable that your mom is so excited for you...she sees the future...and it's you!

    Hope you are getting some meds to take care of the pain in your nose...