Friday, April 17, 2009

Great day =)

So, yesterday about 3 in the afternoon, I called my Uncle Ed to tell him about my plans for college. (I'm going to Campbell University here in North Carolina.) I also told him about my scholarship. Uncle Ed is on a bunch of executive boards at Campbell, so I asked him when he'd be available to meet us there to show me around the campus. Well, as it turns out, he was goiung there today. He called a friend of his named Dr. Britt who was going to be at the meeting he was going to to see if he could bring me to introduce me to the executive board of the university. (And the entire time I'm just thinking, Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God.) That was against protocol, which was cool with me, but then we got a call from the assistant vice president of admissions. He asked me what time we were planning on getting there today, and I said 10:30, so he said he would call us back. The man set us up on a private tour with a golf cart to drive us around the campus all day because we told them I was still a bit under the weather from my surgery. Then, we talked to my uncle again and he told us we could have lunch with him after his meeting. Everything just sort of fell together.

This morning we went to Hardee's to get breakfast, and to get my mom an oil change, and then we drove. I graded a bunch of papers for my mom on the way there. Nice way to exhaust me first thing in the morning, don't ya think? =) We actually ended up getting there 30 minutes early, which was really surprising since we left about 30 minutes later than we originally wanted. So we went to the bookstore and got me a bunch of Campbell Camel gear, and some stuff for my mom and grandma, too. It just works perfectly that their colors are orange and white. Orange has been my favorite color since I was three, and my current bedroom walls are orange and white.

We went back to the admissions building, and met Mari, the senior who was going to give us the tour. She was so awesome!! She was friendly and funny and knowledgable and gave me great advice. We rode around campus, and she told me what buildings housed what classes, and what each girl dorm was like. She took me in a business building so I could peek in some windows to see what classrooms looked like. I also got to see the Convocation Center/Arena that's named for my deceased second cousin, Uncle Ed's son. That took a little over an hour. Then, she took me to D. Rich Hall, which is apparently where I'll be spending like 90% of my time for my major (International Studies). The head of the International Studies department had called my mom a few weeks back, but she was driving so she couldn't write down a name. So she looked at a list and she said "I think it's Thornton." A student walked in the room where we found the list and some pamphlets, and he gave us directions up to Dr. Thornton's office. Well, like two minutes after we got up there, Dr. Thornton walked up! We spent like half an hour talking to him about what the major's like, what classes I'll have to take, stuff like that. Two nifty things I found out: he was a French minor in college, too (what I want to have as my minor) AND he's even going to be my advisor in the fall! It was just far too perfect.

Well, while we were talking to Dr. Thornton, this lady shows up at the door and tells us that she's our "chariot driver" to take us to have lunch with Uncle Ed. Okay, imagine riding down the highway at about 20 mph in a bright orange and black stretch golf cart. It was crazy. So we get to the field house next to the football field and walk into a room of 50 old men in suits. I see my uncle and go over to him. Guess who the first person he introduces me to is? The President of the university. How insane is that?! I'm not even a student there yet, and I'm already having lunch with the university president! They loved me. =) I'm totally not trying to brag, but when you have the president of the university, three guys on the executive board, and the assistant vice president of admissions telling you they really really want you and you're amazing and exceptional, it kinda makes you feel good.

So after lunch (really really good barbecue sandwiches and fruit), we went back to the admissions building, turned in the necessary housing and scholarship forms I had brought with me, and Uncle Ed paid my enrollment deposit, and we informed them of the necessary accomodations I'll need for my dorm room. Then, by that point I was just really really tired, and we realized there wasn't anything else we could think of to do, so we headed home.

It was a totally awesome day. =) I'm completely in love with the campus, and I so can't wait to move there in August. It was nice to finally have something go so well in my life. =)


  1. Wow!!!!! It does sound like an awesome day. What a thorough tour/visit of the campus... it's great that you were able to do that, and meet so many key people.

    I'm celebrating right along with you, Mal!

    French minor, eh? English is my second language. If you need to practice your French, I'm your gal!

  2. Mal,

    I just wanted to say thank you for much for your tireless love and support for me and my family! I hear my dad was even over at your blog. He thinks you're great:) And so do I!!!!!

    Thinking of you tonight,


  3. My brother went to Campbell (for Pharmacy) & I must say I thought it was in the middle of nowhere! I was living in Wake Forest at the time & when we would go visit I would wonder is there really a town here? But that was 20 years ago, so I'm sure a lot has changed. I do know it's a good school - it's great that you're going there!

  4. I just had to check out MckMama's comment... woot woot!!

    Thinking of you too! And... for what it's worth, Le Petit Prince left me with the same impression, ha ha!!

  5. Wow that sounds awesome! What a great day.