Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Neither of these are April Fool's jokes.

#1: I have to get X-rays tomorrow. I had an appointment with my primary doc today, because I needed a new prescription and I needed a referral from her before I go to the hospital on Friday. But today, getting out and walking to class, my leg and ankle have been hurting worse and worse, and the bruising is also getting worse, so I decided to get her to look at it while I was there and see if she thought it was just bruised or if I needed to do something else. So I pulled my sock and shoe off and she exclaimed, "Girl, that should have been the FIRST thing you came to see me for today!" I have what's called an air cast, which basically just serves as a brace for support, and orders to go to the health center's radiology department for X-rays tomorrow to make sure there's no small fracture in there or anything because, well, limbs just aren't supposed to look or feel like this. Needless to say, I won't be drinking again for a while.

#2: Mom will be here Sunday-Friday next week for her Spring Break. Granted, at least the first day and a half I'll be in the hospital and then I have to deal with class and work, but still. I get to see her. She's coming HERE. Holly offered to buy her a plane ticket - Mom said no because by this point tickets are way expensive - Holly said "screw that" and bought her one anyway. The one thing I really want to do is take her by the dance studio.

So at least it wasn't all bad news today. :)

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