Saturday, April 4, 2015

Highlights From Today

Thank God for iTunes and the Final Four games. Because seriously, without the first five seasons of Glee on my computer and almost five and a half hours of basketball, I'm not sure how I would've managed to avoid sleeping the whole day away. Now I only have three hours before I'm allowed to go back to sleep.

I'm. so. bored. On the upside, I learned that this floor is all "elective-admission" patients, so I really am allowed to leave when I want to. Which means that Monday morning, I will be saying peace out to this place.

A crazy little thing happened this afternoon: Pastor Ben texted and, long story short, in the middle of Easter service tomorrow, he'll be calling me and putting me on speaker and a mic so that I can share a bit of my testimony and how God has pulled me through everything. I definitely wasn't expecting that, so I'm very anxiously excited and honored that he would ask me to do this, especially during such an important service.

The highlight of my day (I know, the bar is pretty low in a hospital) was getting to talk to Austin for 30 minutes this evening. I just randomly started thinking about him and decided to call, and for once, I actually called him at a really good time. I'm just so thankful for the bond that we have and the way that we can trust each other with things, especially things we're not ready to tell many other people quite yet. And it meant so much to get to pray over him and everything that he's got coming. I really miss him, and it makes me smile when I hear him tell me he loves me, because I really, really in every part of me know he means it.

Tomorrow, Ashley is bringing me a "sorry you're in the hospital" Easter basket after church, and best of all, I GET TO SEE MY MAMA!!!!

Though I have to admit, I'm also really looking forward to the chocolate.

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