Thursday, April 2, 2015

Someone got grandma her cane!

No seriously, I have a cane now.

I went to get my X-rays this afternoon, just like the doc ordered.

Then, I tried to get pain meds from the doc, but she told me I'd have to go to Urgent Care to get some. So I went to Urgent Care.

Urgent Care nurse practitioner literally shuddered and almost screamed when I took the air cast off and showed her my ankle.

She went and looked at the X-rays and said she didn't see a fracture, but she thought there was likely a small one under all the swelling and bone bruising, told me my doc would call me when she could look at them.

She wanted to put me on crutches, telling me I definitely needed to stay off this leg for a while. I told her that was pretty much physically impossible for me, especially in a city I have to get around on foot.

She went to grab the sports medicine doctor, couldn't find him but brought in another doctor. Doctor checked me out, said the pressure and swelling and worst bruising from the injury is right on my tibia and if I don't relieve the pressure of walking on it, I could easily fracture my tibia, so I definitely need to lessen the pressure on it.

NP told him why I couldn't use crutches, asked him if a walking boot would be enough. He said no, but we have canes which would be better than nothing.

Boom. So I have an ace bandage to try to relieve some of the swelling, the air cast to serve as a brace, and a cane for support on the right side.

Because I can't do anything at all on a small scale ever.

But hey, I also have some Vicodin.

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