Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Holly's friends are so much cooler than her.

Holly has some friends from her time at State staying with us this week. CH, D, CL, and A. Yes, this is a lot of people for a very small apartment.

They are amazing.

And they love me.

I have new friends. I love new friends.

And things have happened tonight that have given me, David, and Austin a new bond.

I am very happy.

I kind of don't want them to leave on Saturday. No, I REALLY don't want them to leave on Saturday. But hey, D, and probably CH and CL too, is moving to the city in June and he is my favorite so YAY. There are many reasons why he's my favorite; one of them is because he likes to sing Taylor Swift songs with me. Just being honest. :)

Tonight was a great, great, fascinating night.

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