Sunday, April 5, 2015

Did you know that there's a show called Alaskan Bush People?

Because there is.

It's on Discovery.

It's about a couple raising their seven kids, six of whom are adults, out in the wild.

And it's just about the dumbest, strangest thing I've ever seen on television.

Mom turned me onto it when she got here today because we were looking for something on TV, and she said her boyfriend introduced her to it. He watches it for the survival stuff, she watches it because it's hilarious.

And then we spent the next six hours watching a marathon of it and laughing hysterically.

Mom and I always find things to laugh about when we're together. I just never expected it to be this. I'm utterly fascinated.

In other news, Ashley and Didrik brought me an Easter basket for some cheering up, I really can't wait to leave tomorrow, and I am so, so happy my mom is here?

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