Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Your medical lesson for the day, kids.

Heads? They can bleed a LOT. Even when the cut is very shallow and small. Ask me how I know.

Oh who am I kidding. You know I'm going to tell you. Consider this the latest chapter in the saga of "Stupid things Mal does to injure herself."

I went to the bathroom before class this morning. The stalls in this bathroom are pretty small, but I've gotten used to them. My phone fell out of my pocket when I pulled my pants up, so I bent over to pick it up. And when I came back up, I guess I totally misjudged just how small the stall is, because WHACK! I came up and slammed my head straight into the metal lock with some pretty decent momentum. I stood up completely and just rested on the wall of the stall for a second, because at first, I thought I had just knocked it so hard that it made me a little dizzy. And then I felt something running down my cheek. I reached my hand up to wipe it, hoping it was sweat, because I was warm, but nope, it was bright red.

I got out of the stall and rushed to rip a paper towel out of the machine. Getting more lightheaded by the second, I stumbled out into the hall which is thankfully next to a common area where a few students were working and said, "I'm bleeding. Can you help me?" I sort of collapsed against the wall, and they rushed over. I never lost consciousness, thank the Lord, but I sure felt like I was going to. One guy got me a crap load of more paper towels, one girl got the stuff from my room, and this guy named Mike squatted right in front of me to keep me focused and help me slow my breathing down, because I was kind of freaked. Especially considering I bled through at least 8-10 paper towels by the time the EMTs got there.

But when they did get there, it had pretty much stopped bleeding. I was told I was "awesome" for knowing to put pressure on it. I thought that was just common sense, to put pressure on something that's bleeding to make it stop, but you know, okay, cool, thanks.

I didn't find out until I got to the hospital that it's actually a rather superficial, small laceration. Go figure. My scalp is bruised around the cut, which is not surprising in the least, but other than those two things, I'm fine. I just have to deal with a splitting headache for a while.

Also another lesson? I may never describe a migraine as "stabbing" ever again, because I never truly understood what stabbing felt like until this.

Oh boy. My life is just one big bucket of entertainment, isn't it?

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