Monday, November 24, 2014

So. Ferguson.

So many things could be said, but anything I want to say has already been said and often more eloquently than I ever could, so I'll just say that I think an injustice was done, and my prayers are with Michael Brown's family, the people of Ferguson, and everyone in the black community who feels betrayed by the decision that came out. Romans 12:15 says weep with those who weep, and my heart breaks for those who live in a constant state of fear and a feeling of "less-than". I can't imagine.

On a rare occasion, I'm keeping my mouth shut. The whole thing makes my head and hurt ache.

I went to my post-op today, and things are fine, as I expected. I then went to the health center and got medication for my rash, and it helped even after only one use which was awesome. They wanted to set me up with NYU's dermatologist, but I decided to wait and see if this steroid cream takes care of it, which it seems to be, so yay.

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