Saturday, November 15, 2014

As if being a girl wasn't hard enough.

Any female will tell you that "that time of the month" is absolutely awful.

For me, it can be even more so because of my hormone issues from having my thyroid taken out.

But to take all the "fun" that this time involves and add vomiting up everything I put into my mouth today on top of it just seems cruel.

At least I know it's not some stomach virus I'm coming down with or something because of the timing, which means provided this isn't still happening on Tuesday, surgery will be fine. And in months past when this has happened it's only been a day or two out of the whole week.

But yeah. That was Saturday. Thanking God for the rest I managed to get in between all the nastiness. I sure hope I feel better tomorrow so I can make it to church.

And God, it would be really, really awesome if this whole "time" would end before Tuesday, because I don't even want to think about dealing with it with my good arm totally out of use and while feeling awful from surgery. Please? Thanks.

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