Sunday, November 2, 2014

Well, this is unusual.

I feel prepared for my test tomorrow.

AND I have my paper for my History class done and turned in two days ahead of time.

I'm not quite sure how this happened.

But you know what? I'm just going to go with it and say THANK YA JESUS.

Now I can go to sleep.

And I have three days to get my paper, presentation, and other reading done for Thursday.

And I can take time on Tuesday to call some private loan people and not feel guilty about taking away from school work time.

Also, a little extra lesson of the day to remember for the future: if one of my earbuds sounds like it seems to be dying, it's probably not a wiring problem. I probably just need to clean the earwax out of it. #ewwgross

Such was my Sunday.

That's all, folks!

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