Wednesday, November 26, 2014

If it didn't hurt so bad, it'd be AFV worthy.

So, um, OUCH.

I've been doing so well taking care of myself while the roommate has been at class/in the library and Holly's been at work, especially considering my right arm has so much nerve damage and my left arm is still strapped to my stomach.

Well, that ended today.

Holly bought Chinese food on Monday night because she was craving egg drop soup for her sore throat. Of course there were plenty of leftovers. So today, I decided to heat up the rest of the chicken and vegetables. I accidentally heated it a little too much - mistake numero uno.

I went to sit down. The plate slipped, and then there was scalding hot Chinese food and soy sauce all over me. It was so hot that I immediately tried to get up, but with the messed up footrest and my sling, getting up isn't a very easy process so I was sort of scooting out but also freaking out because it was SO HOT.

You know what happened next, as if this wasn't unfortunate enough? Well, you see, the right arm/side of my recliner has been messed up ever since the chair got warped in the storage unit summer of 2013 when the unit flooded. So it's been loose, but the chair still worked fine. Well, with me, a big girl, freaking out trying desperately to stand up and get out of the chair, it broke. And when the arm fell out, it really broke. Like completely fell over. And when the arm fell over, since the arm is connected to the whole wooden side of the chair, the whole chair collapsed. So I almost fell on the floor in my messy disaster.

Luckily, the arm didn't totally separate from the chair, so when I got up, I was able to stand the chair back up, but needless to say I won't be sitting in it for a while. Our super is incredibly handy, so we're going to ask him after Thanksgiving, like Friday, if he can maybe drill in some screws to hold it in place or something. I don't know, we'll see. If not, I may just resort to duct tape until I can afford a new recliner because a) I love that recliner and b) sleeping in my bed with this sling really hurts because I can't turn over and c) this couch is not very comfortable.

But hey, at least I only got two small burns out of the whole ordeal, one on my stomach and one on my thigh. It could have been a lot worse.

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