Saturday, November 8, 2014

Maybe I'd sleep less if I had a less comfortable bed.

Guess we'll never know. ;)

I definitely need to talk to neurology guy on Tuesday because ever since he upped my meds by 600 mg a day I've been feeling even way more run down and fatigued than I did before.

I did a lot of sleeping today, but at least once I woke up, I've been moderately productive getting stuff done for Monday.

The upside is that I'll definitely be forcing myself to get up for church tomorrow, so hopefully I can avoid a nap and get some serious work done. Because at least my Monday professor gives us right up until class time to get our stuff done. And I've already got a general idea of what I can write about for this week.

Since sleep and reading pretty much sums up my Saturday, I need to get back to reading. Hopefully I will get one more article (20 pages) read before I go to bed.

Because somehow I'm still tired.

Sigh. Medications keeps me alive and yet drains every ounce of energy I have. Talk about a paradox.

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