Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Is that the angels I hear singing?

Nope, just me.

Me celebrating because I FINALLY!!!!!! got all set for surgery. I went to my physical today with my primary care doctor which was my last hurdle to jump, and I have a copy of the paper that she signed stating that I am "optimized" for surgery.

About. Freaking. Time. This almost 3 months of constant awful pain has been long enough.

The rest of the day has been class, killing time between class and my physical at McDonalds on my phone, buying a notebook in order to start studying my Bible, catching up on a TV show I missed last night because of my way-early bedtime, hanging out at Spiegel to avoid the roommate who is still being awful, television, and then prepping for a presentation tomorrow.

Can someone explain how I got more than the recommended amount of sleep and I'm still so dang tired?

On to tomorrow. 6 days to surgery.

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