Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm too old for this.

And by "this", I mean waking up just after 7:00 am, because my body decided to skip the last half hour of sleep I could get, and still being awake past 2:30 am, because starting to do laundry at 10:30 at night and then watching episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver when we got home from the laundromat seemed like a really smart plan for Holly and me. Ha!

Let's see there was class. My professor was almost 40 minutes late, but luckily he warned us last week that would probably happen because

we had our exam today. The only exam of the class. I think I did okay. I feel good about 2 of the 3 essays. It felt eerily similar to essay exams from Thornton or Schroeder back at Campbell.

Then I went to McDonald's and ate lunch and read one of my Civil War articles until

therapy time. Nothing like getting confronted by someone who's only spent a couple hours with you about your problem of attracting broken people because you want to fix them to humble you real quick like.

Then I came home.

I tried to read some more but decided to take a nap.

Then my nap got ruined.

I tried to read again.

Ate dinner.

Took a shower.

Holly finally woke up.

We got distracted by Dancing with the Stars.

And then John Oliver.

And then finally laundry. We both needed to do it very badly.

And then Gotham while we, or rather she folded.

And then more John Oliver. "Cranberries taste like what raspberries drink before their colonoscopy." You can thank John Oliver for that image now in your head.

And that's how I ended up blogging at 2:45 am.

Good thing I don't have to be anywhere for another 12 hours because I need sleep and plan to sleep hard.

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